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Car-bottom annealing furnace


  • 01The structure of furnace body is made of fiber with good property of heat insulation and temperature preservation,light self-weight,minor loss of preserved heat.It can reduce heat loss and energy consumption.
  • 02The furnace shell is welded by steel plate and structural steel.The lining of electric furnace uses aluminium silicate fiber materials to keep heat.The car-bottom uses heavy high-aluminium heat insulating bricks as surface layer. Between the furnace body and car-bottom is labyrinth sealing structure.
  • 03The equipment uses natural gas burner heating method or electric resistance belt heating method.To keep the furnace temperature uniformity,zone temperature control is used according to different hearth size.Each zone is setted corresponding burner type&quantity or electric resistance belt with corresponding power according to heat treatment process.Each zone has two thermocouples,one for temperature control,one for monitoring.
  • 04The car-bottom is equipped CrMnN refractory steel or 1200℃ SiC as hearth plate for workpieces loading usage,shim plate can be used to support workpieces as required.
  • 05The up-and-down of furnace door is accomplished by sroll wheel’rolling on the guide rail to ensure identical sealing between the brickwork of furnace door and furnace body when closing furnace the door,and also will not damage the brickwork by friction when opening the door.The movement of furnace door and car-bottom is supplied through worm gear&worm reduction driver and chain transmission by electric motor .
  • 06Our equipment control system is collecting-distributing control type,the superior is IPC control and the lower level is program control and temperature control.The IPC can be chosed and setted according to customer’s request and its control program is designed and developed aimed at car-bottom furnace by dedicated configuration software to meet variety processing control demand.
  • 07Program control system uses Japanese Omron PLC and the PLC will control the furnace door’s action,fan’s start-and-stop and the car-bottom’s walking. Temperature control uses PID temperature-control instrument to control electricity adjuster and burner controller to reach corresponding temperature-control effects.




Applied in shelll roasting,high chrome and high manganese steel casting, spheroidal graphite cast iron,roller,steel ball,45steel,stainless steel annealing treatment and aging treatment.Other heating for various machine accessories.

Products series:

High-temperature series(furnace temperature0~1200℃)car-bottom furnace (Loading 5T-100T)can be applied to high-alloy steel high temperature normalizing and annealing,roller high temperature annealing,stainless steel accessories solid solution.

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