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Automatic quenching and tempering line


  • 01Push-up organization for materials in-and-out.The workpieces can be directly put in the basket and no need for tray.Big size workpiece will be put directly into the furnace with no basket.Lower grade materials can be used to produce the basket and can also fulfill the demand of strength for the basket will not be squeezed or stretched during in-and-out.It can raise the life of use and reduce the running cost. Heating chamber uses composite lining with high-temperature-resistant ceramic fibers and heave bricks to ensure heat insulation effects.
  • 02CH4O and N2 are put in the furnace as protective medium to reduce workpieces oxidation.
  • 03Our equipments are under joint controlled by industrial PLC and numerical instruments,user’s programs are easy to use and operate. The in-and-out of workpieces and processing execution are all realized full-automaticlly,Processing parameters can be chosen and setted on industrial personal computer.No workers are needed during the producing period and only load-and-unload operations need human labors.
  • 04The quenching sink is located in the pit under the earth with the stir fans and the spray device.The wind-cooled system is equipped above to make the workpiece cooled quickly after out of the furnace.




Auto quenching and tempering line is applied in stainless steel products solid solution,nickel alloy and precision alloy middle softening,soft made-up quenching,normalizing.





Highest working temperature


Heat power


Heat method

Electricity Heating

Cooling method

Wind-cooled or Water-cooled

Vacuum limit


Note:The above parameters can be adjusted according to customers’ demand.

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