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Hermetical box-type normalizing furnace


  • 01The walls and top of furnace use refractory fibers structure with features of low thermal storage,quick temperature increasing of empty furnace and good effects of heat preservation.
  • 02The furnace door is compressed independently to get good sealing property,so that can ensure less leaking of protective atmosphere under a certain press in the furnace.
  • 03CH4O flow are setted under an alarm device to ensure the workpieces will not be over standard oxidation during the heat treatment period.
  • 04The in-and-out of workpieces are all realized full-automaticlly, no workers are needed during the normalizing processing period.
  • 05Normalizing fan layed reasonablely and can fulfill the normalizing requests of all kinds of workpieces.



Performance summary

Fixed rack organization for workpieces in-and-out, simple construction and low fault rate.
Heating chamber use composite lining with high-temperature-resistant ceramic fibers and heave bricks to ensure heat insulation effects.
Rails in the furnace use ZGCr25Ni20 part of Lost Foam Casting and can stand quick cold and quick heat with long use life.
CH4O and N2 are put in the furnace as protective medium to reduce workpieces oxidation.
Our equipments are under joint controlled by industrial PLC and numerical instruments,user’s programs are easy to use and operate.
The in-and-out of workpieces and processing execution are all realized full-automaticlly,Processing parameters can be chosen and setted on the touching screen.No workers are needed during the producing period and only load-and-unload operations need human labors.
The normalizing fan is put above the fixed rack organization for materials in-and-out.When the workpieces are out,they are right in the fan’s working areas.The normalizing fan will blow the workpieces to cold it from both side and underneath to get the best cold effects.


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