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Plasma Nitriding Furnace With Outer Auxiliary Heating


  • 01The outer auxiliary heaters are divided into several heating zones. The advantages are the fast raising temperature, short arcing time and good temperature uniformity. 
  • 02Insulated furnace body has a good energy-saving effect.
  • 03The forced cooling by means of the inner and outer cooling fans can shorten the cooling time.  
  • 04The pressure can be adjusted automatically by PID controller to keep the pressure stability. 
  • 05The nitriding temperature is measured and controlled by the thermocouple contacted with the part accurately. 
  • 06The gas cabinet can output 5 kinds of gases, H2、N2、CH4、NH3, and Ar.  
  • 07The Maximum Frequency Of High-frequency Pulse Inverter Power Supply is more than 20KHz. 
  • 08The bell jar can be lifted and moved automatically. 
  • 09The overall nitriding processing is full automatic control and can realize the unattended operation. 


    The furnace is suitable for the nitriding and nitrocarburizing of components made of cast, carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. 
    The furnace can carried out the nitrogen hardening of mould steel and tool steel,  nitriding treatment can improve wear resistance and fatigue strength by 2-3time

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